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Career Development


Employee attraction, retention and management are some of the key functions of CEOs and managers.
Yet getting the right formula for a smooth and productive workplace is never easy.
Humans can be notoriously difficult to understand and manage, let alone forge into well-oiled, high-performing units.
The topic of Career Development seeks to unravel some of the big questions that are occupying the minds of employees as they think about the ongoing process of managing life, learning and work.
  • What is it that employees really want from their employers?
  • Where do they want to be in the next five to 10 years?
  • Will the skills they currently have be sufficient to get them to the next rung of their careers?
  • What are the best employers doing to help advance employees’ careers?
The responses to these questions reveal much about the workforce, and the way that people are planning and making informed decisions about career choices.


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